- 20/12/2014 -

Xmas Golden Riding Hood,at Vezene restaurant in Athens, Greece

interior architecture by Aris Vezenes
photography by © George Fakaros

During the Christmas Holidays, OKAPI narrates a fantasy tale, the “Xmas Golden Riding Hood”, at Vezene restaurant in Athens. “In the woods, a creature, wearing its magic hood, is transfigured into a spirit, experiencing the atmosphere of a mysterious scenery”.
The space turns into a glowing scene studded with nature’s trails in motion, revealing the circle of life. Leaves, blown by the winter air, horns, fireflies and scattered butterflies, dipped into the gold, reflecting the existing diffused orange lighting.
The customer, entering the space encounters the projected deer horns shadow-complex under the narrow beams of light.
The former “Street Cage” appliques of the restaurant, that used to represent the old fixtures of Greek Public Power Corporation, seen along outlying and rural roads of Greece, now embody the “Golden Branch” wall lamps and reenact trees of the wood, covered with countless butterflies. The visible tungsten filament is replaced with gold inverted mirror, in order to emphasize the golden wings and to magnify their shadows.
The experience of the installation is completed in the exterior space, where the visitor is surrounded by the dense plantation and the life traces. The light beams are silhouetting their figures and the fireflies provide them with a distinctive glow. The gold glitter, as the dew drops, reflects the light that falls on them.

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