Mazi & Ermion Technis

- 06/10/2014 -

Mazi & Ermion Technis, restaurant, bar, art gallery in Syros, Greece

photography by OKAPI
category hospitality

Following the seasons, Mazi  and Ermion Technis, give the visitors a multidimensional experience.
During the summer, the lighting of the garden restaurant oscillates between dream and reality. The space is scenographically lit, however the light that falls on the tables is quite controlled. The old oven is illuminated with deep orange lighting hues, giving the impression that is currently in function.
Ermion Technis is an industrial multifunctional space with bare bulbs appliques, black metal hanging lamps and spotlights on the ceilings to highlight the art pieces exposed.
Finally, the visitor may watch documentaries about Syros, seating on the old stairs illuminated with relaxing indirect lighting.