Marpessa Boutique Hotel-9 Limnes Spa & Bistro 17

- 18/06/2014 -

Marpessa Smart Luxury Hotel in Agrinio, Greece
9 Limnes Spa
Bistro 17

architecture by Dimitris Papakonstantinou
interior design by Sophia Vantaraki
photography by Vangelis Paterakis
category hospitality

The old preserved and the new additional building are lit, aiming to boost the facade’s appearance and functionality, the light is intentionally directed from below upwards. The harsh contrast of the entrance hall emphasizes the transition and separates the interior from the exterior. Moving on to the lobby, the visitor experiences a sense of warmth and intimacy that comes from the decorative lighting. The spa area prevails low intensities and warm hues. The transition from the actual hotel to the spa is highlighted by a long corridor with light deriving from a self-lit photograph that follows the runway’s path. The vintage lamps formulating a “chandelier” effect add to the restaurant’s personality.