- 25/12/2015 -

SHAPES OF LIGHT @ 100% HOTEL SHOW 2017 | 2016 | 2015

100% Hotel Show 2017

Bagno Y Bagno booth
Photography by George Fakaros

The close observation of the interplay between light and shadow, art and architecture, matter and the intangible, becomes an inspirational source for Okapi, leading to the creation of unique light shapes.
Okapi’s lamps do not try to hide the matter they come from, their different materials become the medium for illusive lighting effects.


100% Hotel Show 2016

Bagno Y Bagno booth
Photography by George Fakaros & OKAPI

Charms and nuances rooted in the Greek landscape, are depicted in a series of luminaires evoking memories and feelings.
Barnacles stuck on rocks, mussels just washed up from the sea, pebbles spread on the shore, handcrafted paper boats flow on the water.
The lamps remind us our first summers and accompany us along the coast in our next journey…


100% Hotel Show 2015

Bagno Y Bagno booth
Photography by Panos Rekouniotis & OKAPI

A collection of decorative luminaires inspired by the Greek seascapes, that may ideally be installed in the hotels of the islands. Barnacles stuck on rocks and mussels just washed up from the sea. These lamps bring back our memories, reminding us our first summers.

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