Akanthus Club

- 11/06/2014 -

Akanthus – beachside bar, night club, restaurant in Athens, Greece

2014 interior architecture by Alex Nikolaou
photography by © George Fakaros 
category hospitality

The lighting installation concept of Akanthus summer, adapts to its environment, following the prismatic Akanthus winter design. The entrance stair adopts an intense personality and is integrated into the concept by the openings carved into the side wall,designed to become a light installation itself. The central bar’s prism pendants, are specially designed to create the illusion of floating light. The luminous sticks depict the Acanthus plant, with its spiny leaves and flower spikes. A colorful sky appears thanks to the illuminated surrounding trees, giving indirect light.At the same time the dark blocks intensify the contrast , creating a more scenographic sensation. Finally, the space is bounded by small light sources, scattered around the planting.